From proof-of-concept to exploitable

Exploitability assessment of vulnerabilities is important for both defenders and attackers. The ultimate way to assess the exploitability is crafting a working exploit. However, it usually takes tremendous hours and significant manual efforts. To address this issue, automated techniques can be adopted. Existing solutions usually explore in depth the crashing paths, i.e., paths taken by […]

Anomaly Detection in SOC – Friend or Foe?

Lots of security vendors talk about integrating innovative techniques using Artificial Intelligence. In cybersecurity, this often boils down to supervised or unsupervised anomaly detection of measures attributes. However, in many cases there is a big gap between the identification of anomalies and transforming them into actionable data. There are lots of buzzwords floating around cybersecurity: […]

Security Predictions for 2020

In this year’s Cyber Security Predictions, the WatchGuard Threat Lab has imagined the top cyber attacks we’ll see in 2020 and has provided tips for simplifying your approach to stopping them. Even though the threats coming at you won’t be any less intense, complicated, or difficult to manage, 2020 will be the year of simplified […]